Why Choose Us

 Honesty - When you hire an attorney for some of the most important events of your life, you should expect an attorney that will tell you the truth - not one trying to sell you on a defense.  I won't recommend one path or another, I will explain your options and guide you through your decision.  The only guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to get the result you want.

Preparation - From day one, you should expect to go to trial, because I will approach your case that way. The goal for any matter is the best possible outcome for my client and if that means trial - I will be ready.  If we are not going to trial, we use the work we have done as leverage to get you what you want.  

Experience -  Most attorney's lack the background and experience that I have.   Not all successful outcomes are based on a legal argument.  You have to know the system to get your client what they want.  After 25 years, I know the system .

Customized representation -  Every case is different.  Not just in the facts but in the client and what the best outcome may be.  A healthy percentage of criminal defense clients have immigration implications associated with the charges and avoiding deportation becomes as important as freedom.  Any attorney not assessing all collateral issues is doing a disservice to the client.

Affordability -  My reputation is critically important and part of that means that you are able to buy food and pay rent while I am working for you.  I have very reaonable pricing structures - mostly via flat fee - and payment plans.