Honesty - When you hire an attorney for some of the most important events of your life, you should expect an attorney that will tell you the truth - not one trying to sell you on a defense.  I won't recommend one path or another, I will explain your options and guide you through your decision.  The only guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to get the result you want. 

I will provide you options as to the results of your case and you choose which direction to go.

Preparation - From day one, you should expect to go to trial, because I will approach your case that way. The goal for any matter is the best possible outcome for my client and if that means trial - I will be ready.  If we are not going to trial, we use the work we have done as leverage to get you what you want.  

Experience -  Most attorney's lack the background and experience that I have.   Not all successful outcomes are based on a legal argument.  You have to know the system to get your client what they want.  After 25 years, I know the system .

Customized representation -  Every case is different.  Not just in the facts but in the client and what the best outcome may be.  A healthy percentage of criminal defense clients have immigration implications associated with the charges and avoiding deportation becomes as important as freedom.  Any attorney not assessing all collateral issues is doing a disservice to the client.

Affordability -  My reputation is critically important and part of that means that you are able to buy food and pay rent while I am working for you.  I have very reasonable pricing structures - mostly via flat fee - and payment plans.

Immigration Deportation Defense

Dr. A'Hern zealously defends his clients and has over 30 years of experience in deportation proceedings and defense.  Almost all cases involve clients with criminal histories.

Dr. A'Hern prepares these cases for litigation in federal court.

Dr. A"Hern has successfully represented clients in deportation and removal proceedings before the Immigration courts and in appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Doctor of Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology, a relatively new subfield of psychology popularized by television shows like "Criminal Minds," offers a path for clients needing to explore human behavior. Forensic Psychologists in the field apply tools, research, and ideas from psychology to legal situations. Known for their psychological assessments of people involved in the legal system, forensic psychologists participate in investigations, conduct psychological research, and design intervention programs.

Recent Cases:

Federal Drug Trafficking Jury Trial - Acquitted

Federal Drug Conspiracy Jury Trial -  Acquitted

Theft of over $100,000 - Dismissed

Drug conspiracy methamphetamine - Dismissed

Attempted Murder - Dismissed
126 lbs of Kush - dismissed
$30,000 Personal Injury Settlement
Deportation cancelled
Sex Assault - 5 years probation
Sex assault of child - probation
Aggravated sex assault child - dismissed
Aggravated sex assault of a child - dismissed after grand jury presentment by defense
Assault family member - dismissed
Theft - dismissed
10 kilos of methamphetamine - dismissed

First-degree possession with intent to deliver Xanax -  dismissed

4th DWI - probation
2nd DWI - dismissed

18 USC 1349 Federal Fraud Conspiracy - dismissed

Forgery - probation

Human Trafficking of 13 persons - 3 months time served

Counterfeiting currency - dismissed

Forgery - Dismissed

1st time DWI - dismissed

18 USC 1028A Federal aggravated identity theft - Dismissed
DWI with child - dismissed
Sale of Kush from store jury trial - fine
Aggravated kidnapping - probation
50 lbs marijuana - probation
Burglary - probation
Theft $20k - dismissed
Possession marijuana - dismissed
Possession of heroin - dismissed

Possession 2 kilos of Heroin - 6 months TDCJ
Possession drugs - dismissed
Aggravated robbery - probation
Felon in possession of gun - dismissed
Aggravated robbery - dismissed

Possession of 5 lbs kush dismissed
3rd time felony possession - 2 years TDCJ
Conspiracy - dismissed

First-degree felony Possession and manufacture Xanax - Dismissed
Resisting arrest - dismissed
Aggravated assault handgun - dismissed
Aggravated Assault machete - dismissed
Kilo of cocaine sold to police - probation
Probation revocation - dismissed
Operate sex oriented business - dismissed
Habitual Offender 25 years minimum - 6 months
Sexual Assault Child - dismissed
Federal Medicare Fraud - 60 days

Manufacture, delivery of over 200 grams MDMA dismissed
16 felonies - deferred probation
US Citizenship restored after being deported 14 years ago
Federal Drug Conspiracy - 4 years
Possession of 178 pounds marijuana - deferred probation
Robbery - Probation
Assault Family Member - Dismissed
Impersonation of Police Officer - Dismissed
4-400 grams PCS - Dismissed
49 kilos of cocaine - 9 years TDCJ
2 kilos heroin - 2 years TDCJ
Aggravated Sex Assault with hand gun - 5 years TDCJ
Aggravated Robbery with shooting - 5 years TDCJ
Assault of Police officer - Dismissed

Possession of 5 lbs marijuana - dismissed
Interfering with public duties of an officer - Dismissed
Harassment and Retaliation of an officer - Dismissed
Six counts vehicle title fraud - Dismissed
Aggravated Assault With a Handgun - Two Counts Dismissed

Aggravated Sexual Assault - dismissed after grand jury presentment by defense

DWI Class A - dismissed

14 grams cocaine - dismissed

Assault Family member - dismissed
Assault on a Police Officer - dismissed
Harassment Public Servant - dismissed
Half kilo cocaine - 4 years deferred
Aggravated Assault family - 2 years deferred
Assault deadly weapon family - 4 years deferred
26 kilos methamphetamine - 2 years TDCJ

49 kilos of cocaine - dismissed

Aggravated Assault SBI (40 year offer) - 10 years TDCJ

Sexual Assault of a Child (20 year offer) - 5 years TDCJ

Continuous Violence Against Family - reduced to Class A, 3 other cases dismissed

Engaging on Organized Criminal Activity - 2 years TDCJ, 4 other felonies dropped in two counties

Manufacture and Delivery of meth, with prior - 2 years TDC

Two times deported person released into US after TDCJ

Possession Marijuana Over 50 lbs and under 2,000 lbs - 10 years deferred probation

Alien Smuggling - Reduced to Remaining in US after deportation 4 months

29 kilos methamphetamine - dismissed

19 kilos methamphetamine - kept out of federal court. 8 years TDCJ

Two felonies and two misdemeanors charge reduced to one misdemeanor deferred