Having used numerous attorney's in the past I know that it is hard to find a good one that does not want to retire on you. I have used D. A'Hern for several different cases with myself and my family and I will continue to use him in the future as well as refer family and friends. He took the time to explain the process that I was going through and at each step explained what was happening, what I could expect and how we were going to achieve the desired result. I found that he was very knowledgeable and responded in a timely manner when I asked questions about the probate process and how to proceed. This process has been very difficult to deal with since there are several family members involved and he has continued to help focus on the task at hand even when your personal character is attacked for trying to fulfill the last wishes of a loved one. He has provided several avenues to proceed with each situation and allowed us the time to think about them before making a decision and not pushing us in one way or the other. - James

Excellent Attorney

Douglas A'Hern is an outstanding attorney.  He is able to handle all kinds of cases.  He searches to understand what his clients needs are and works towards a fair resolution.  He is honest and works hard for his clients and is always accessible. Douglas is an excellent attorney - Donna

Best lawyer ever!

Douglas A'Hern is a fantastic lawyer. He gave 110% when it came to my legal needs. He was very compassionate and attentive. I appreciate all he did for my family and me. -  Angela

Will not back down

Douglas A'Hern is the type of lawyer that will not back down. He will fight to the end for his clients - Shelby

Highly Professional

I endorse this lawyer. We have worked together as opposing counsel on family law matters in the past, and I found him to be highly professional, competent and an effective communicator. Since then, Mr. A'Hern has helped some of my clients with immigration matters, and I would not hesitate to send future immigration clients to Mr. A'Hern. With his extensive background in customs and immigration enforcement, he has a great knowledge base and high integrity. - Eric

You gave me my life back

I'll never forget you. - Derrick


The vast majority of cases result in favorable outcomes for our clients.

There are a number of results on our face page, but not everyone is happy with the outcome because the outcome is not not guaranteed.  Recently we had a FaceBook Post saying that they had paid me $3,000 and we did nothing. She even filed a complaint.  What is not posted is that her family member was deported after several convictions that disqualified her for multiple forms of relief.  The best possible outcome was a voluntary departure which allows her to reapply for admission without a formal removal.  Moreover, I was only paid for an immigration bond hearing and the other work we did on the case was for free.  The fact that this was the best possible outcome under the circumstances at a seriously reduced rate is obviously not appreciated  by the family, but we are secure in knowing we actually served the client very well. 

Another recent post complains of a criminal case where I was paid $1500, and according to the client, we did nothing for him. The truth is that we spent quite a bit of time before the very first court date working with witnesses to provide statements and video evidence to the District Attorney's office.  After multiple conversations with them, the District Attorney dismissed the case based on our efforts.  Great outcome for the client.  However, he had some dispute with the bonding company afterwards and wanted our help.  Unless the attorney themselves is the bonding entity, that is a seperate contractual relationship and we could not assist him.  The fact that the actual criminal case we were retained to defend was dismissed without ever going to court was overshadowed by this issue. 

We routinely do bond cases for asylum seekers.  They have no right to have an attorney in the process. We work through the process of getting the client prepared for the credible fear interview.  After the interview, which is around 25% nationwide and 75-80% for my office, the client can seek bond, and then transfer the case wherever they are going.  We had a client with a really good case, we fully prepared him for the interview and somehow he failed the credible fear determination.  They family blames our office for not doing enough.  Not sure what else we could have done.

A while back, I undertook to rposecute a car accident for a client in Lousiana. After consult, we settled for the maximum allowed in the policy, $15,000.  I took no money and tried contacting him repeatedly.  He later had a seperate leagl issue and came demanding I pay him before I pay any medical providers, something you cannot ethically do. He complaiend to the State Bar of Texas.  They thought I should have done more to try to communicate with him.  Okay, fair enough.  I accepted a public reprimand which is available for review on the internet, with each page initialled by me.  Lesson learned.  As a side note, I recently learned that someone I do not know, a "David Palmer" runs an on going website complaining about lawyers, judges and the legal system in America.  Apparently he has been on a revenge tour for over 30 years because of a personal intercation with a court.  Because of the reprimand, he highlighted my case on his website and referred to me as an "ethical dwarf".  I kind of laughed.  I have been around many years and my ethics have never been called into question, especially for lack of communication, but I suppose Mr. Palmer - who was cited by the Supreme Court of Ohio in an on-going unauthorized pratice of law accusationr - is allowed to judge me.  Irony is ironic.

Hopefully, any current, past or future clients can work with us to focus on the results and outcome of the case.